2018 Eddie Robinson Award


Not to be confused with the “Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award,” the Eddie Robinson Award is given to the FCS Coach of the Year.

The legendary Eddie Robinson finished his coaching career with 408 victories.

The 32-year-old award, named for the legendary Grambling State coach, honors the national coach of the year in college football’s Division I subdivision.




Between 2011 and 2016, Dan Hawkins served as a college football analyst for ESPN. In only his second season at UC Davis, Hawkins has been named the winner of the Eddie Robinson Award.

In 2017, he led the Aggies to a 5-6 overall record, going 3-5 in the Big Sky conference. This year, Hawkins led the Aggies to a 10-3 record, finishing 7-1 in conference play, and leading his team to the FCS quarterfinals.

For two seasons, his Aggies featured a high-powered offense, led by the last two Big Sky offensive players of the year, wide receiver Keelan Doss (2017) and quarterback Jake Maier (2018).

“We have really talented players,” said Hawkins, “it all starts there — a talented staff, but none of that happens, or comes together unless you have leadership that says, ‘we can work together to create one of the best academic schools in the country, and we can succeed in sports.’ They are not mutually exclusive from one another.”

“When ‘Hawk’ started as head coach and put together what we thought was a pretty successful plan for moving forward, we were highly confident in the progress we would make,” Athletic Director Kevin Blue recently told Bruce Gallaudet from Inside Aggie Nation.


The 2018 Eddie Robinson Award top finalists included:

  • UC Davis – Dan Hawkins
  • Kennesaw State – Brian Bohannon
  • Colgate – Dan Hunt
  • Indiana State – Curt Mallory
  • North Dakota State – Chris Klieman

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